Photography is the most beautiful gift - it recognizes the truth of the present moment, and the beauty of life together.

I might think about things a little differently than some photographers. You may have noticed by this point, but so much about the wedding industry, and photography in general, can feel slightly manufactured - a little “you should do things this way, and not that way”. A little, “be yourself, but only if being yourself works with these cookie cutters”. I believe in a better way.

I want to know you. I want to know about the things you love and the ways you live that make you feel alive. Those good, beautiful, and rich things that make you, your person, your family, feel the most like yourself. And that is what I want to photograph.  

In the end, these photos are yours, and I want to honor that in every way that I know how - with care, thoughtfulness, and rapt attention to the things that make you and your life beautiful.

Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographer


Wedding packages begin at $2,795.

Minimum coverage includes up to 9 hours of wedding day photography, unlimited pre-wedding consultations, high resolution files of your wedding photos, and full printing rights. Additional services, such as portrait sessions and a second photographer, are available to create a custom photography package.

To request more information and a pricing guide, please visit my contact page.




Portrait sessions are $275. These include 1 hour of photography, high resolution files of your photos, and full printing rights. 

Mini family sessions are offered occasionally throughout the year for $150 - Please keep an eye on my Instagram and Facebook pages for announcements about these sessions!

To request more information about pricing, please visit my contact page.